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United Church of Canada  

First Dawn Eastern Edge Regional Council

With joy in our hearts and a song on our lips we,

the Newfoundland and Labrador conference of The United Church of Canada,

believe that we are called by God to love and serve others. 

Through our various shared ministries in the name of Jesus Christ,

we are called to uphold the gifts and skills in each other;

to honour differences;

to be accepting of change while honouring heritage and traditions;

to seek justice

and through all of this to know that we are not alone. 

Thanks be to God


( by Rev. Nancy Mojica-Fisher)

On March 30th, 2015, the Youth Group at Green's Harbour Pastoral Charge sponsored a family event called, "Jesus, Spaghetti & Hockey Night" at Memorial Community Center, Whiteway. The aim was to promote, "A church that prays, eats, and plays together, stays together". All families at Green's Harbour Pastoral Charge were invited. Parents cooked spaghetti and prepared salad and the young people helped serve the meal. Following the spaghetti supper, a Wacky- Hockey game was held. Parents versus young people, and, families versus families played the wacky-hockey floor game. There was laughter, sportsmanship, and, fellowship. A sense of community was truly experienced in our laughter, playing and dining together.

A mother commented, "We should do it again... this is the first in a long time that our family had played together....not to mention it's a good workout!" Everyone had a great time...even for those who played hockey for the very first time! It was indeed a night of family bonding and church family fellowship.

The Green's Harbour Pastoral Charge has an active youth ministry. We have 20 registered youth ages 10-13 years old. We are blessed to have two adult youth leaders and three youth helpers. We meet every second Monday at Whiteway Community Center. Our youth group welcomes as well young people from another faith community. Every meeting is balanced with prayer & study, mission, games, crafts and fellowship. Our young people have taken parts at church worship and other events in the Pastoral Charge. We give thanks to God for our youth ministry. And indeed, "A church that prays, eats, and plays together, stays together!"