Conference Staff

United Church of Canada  

Newfoundland and Labrador Conference

With joy in our hearts and a song on our lips we,

the Newfoundland and Labrador conference of The United Church of Canada,

believe that we are called by God to love and serve others. 

Through our various shared ministries in the name of Jesus Christ,

we are called to uphold the gifts and skills in each other;

to honour differences;

to be accepting of change while honouring heritage and traditions;

to seek justice

and through all of this to know that we are not alone. 

Thanks be to God

Conference Staff

Conference Executive Secretary

The Executive Secretary is a member of the General Council Staff, working in the Conference. Her responsibilities include:

  • General Council - Conference Liaison
  • Administrator
  • Oversees and manages the work of the Conference
  • Supervision and oversight of District and Conference Offices
  • Support and counsel to staff
  • Resource person to the President of Conference, District Chairs, and committees
  • Supervises the overall budgets of Conference and District
  • Ecumenical Liaison

Faith has served in Pastoral Ministry for 15 years, Conference Personnel Minister for 8 years and Executive Secretary since 2012.

(709) 754-0387
Conference Personnel Minister

The responsibilities of the Conference Personnel Minister include:

  • The pastoral minister to the Ministry Personnel of the Conference and to their families
  • Support and resource to personnel systems and pastoral relationships
  • Staff resource to committees involved with selection, training, placement and oversight of Ministry Personnel
  • The person who can assist if there is an issue with pensions and benefits
  • Organizer of annual Milestones in Ministry banquet

Heather has been serving as Conference Personnel Minister since July 2012.

(709) 754-0388
Conference Office Administrator

The responsibilities of the Conference Office Administrator include:

  • Administrative support for Conference financial procedures, including annual budget preparation, financial statements and audit
  • Investment and Trust Fund administration
  • Responsibility for all transactions related to the financial operations of the Conference
  • Oversight of Conference Office Support
  • Support for Conference blanket insurance policy
  • Responsibilities for operations and equipment of both offices

Alison has been serving the Conference as Bookstore Manager/Archives/Administrative Assistant then Conference Office Administrator since February 1997.

Bookstore Manager/Archives/Administrative Assistant

The responsibilities of the Bookstore Manager/Archives/Administrative Assistant include:

  • Manager of the daily operation of the Bookstore including book displays, ordering resources, shipping resources to clergy and pastoral charges
  • Staff resource to the Conference Records, Archives and History Committee
  • Responsible for the daily function of the Archives including coordinating volunteers to assist with research.
  • Liaison with the General Council Archives and History Committee
  • Administrative support for Conference Office

Leona has been serving as the Bookstore Manager/Archives/Administrative Assistant since October 2008

(709) 754-0372 Toll free (Bookstore ONLY): 1-877-954-0386
Administrative Assistant

The responsibilities of the Administrative Assistant include:

  • Reception at St. John's Conference Office
  • Booking meetings at Conference Office or teleconference meetings
  • Recording secretary for the Conference and its Executive
  • Administrative support to the work of the Executive Secretary, Conference Personnel Minister and Conference Office Administrator
  • Administrative support related to marriage licensing, annual Celebration of Ministries service, pastoral charge and delegate and information and general correspondence
  • Responsibilities for annual Conference Spring Meetings

Jennifer has been serving as the Administrative Assistant since 2012.

(709) 754-0386